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North River Splash

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Splash came to our farm all the way from Utah. We had been searching near and far for a great Chesapeake and are thankful we were able to pick her up in Idaho. She comes from excellent duck hunting lines and has turned out to be a great hunter and family dog. One of her pups earned her Junior Hunter certificate around one year of age and is currently a retrieving machine for a serious waterfoul hunter. Although we do not participate in the hunt tests our dogs that do are proving themselves in that arena. Splash sure gets excited when the shotguns come out and she gets a chance to retrieve the birds for dad. She also loves to play hide and seek and fetch with the kids.

We have enjoyed Splash so much we just had to keep one of her daughters, North River Icy.

Here are some pictures of her previous pups.

How do we get out of here?


Splash in the forground with Icy in back


Splash with only 4 pups left!


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